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About Ecodrisil

Welcome to Ecodrisil, your trusted partner in sustainability enablement.

With our flagship platforms, Ecodrisil ESG and SCM Cockpit, we offer large and medium-sized organizations the tools they need to drive sustainable programs. Ecodrisil ESG empowers you to seamlessly manage your organization’s ESG performance, reporting and supplier assessments. Meanwhile, SCM Cockpit exclusively focuses on ESG performance and risk management within your supply chain.

Our solutions adhere to global standards such as GRI, SASB, BRSR, SDG, and country-specific regulations like Lieferkettengeset.

Ignite your ESG journey with Ecodrisil and transform sustainability into a strategic advantage.

Why Organizations are Unable to Drive Sustainability Performance?

Different organizations might have different reasons, but what is common among most are …

No Goals

Lack of clarity on sustainability or ESG goals

Lack of information and expertise

Not having necessary guidance, information or expertise to effectively implement sustainability initiatives make it difficult to identify the most effective actions to take and to measure the impact of the initiatives.

Difficulty in measuring & reporting

Measuring and reporting sustainability performance can be difficult, as there are no standard methods and it is not always easy to integrate data from different enterprise systems required to measure sustainability performance.

Set clear sustainability goals and targets

Identify specific sustainability goals and targets that align with the company’s values and business objectives.

Measure and track progress

Implement systems for measuring and tracking key ESG metrics. This can help to identify areas of improvement and track progress over time.

Engage stakeholders

Engage employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders in the sustainability effort. This can help to build support and ensure that the company is meeting the needs of all its stakeholders.

How to get started with Sustainability/ESG program ?

Here are 3 simple steps to get started with sustainability/ESG…


Ecodrisil ESG is an easy to use, flexible & dynamic platform to drive ESG performance, risks and reporting based on global standards and regulations for specific industries


A comprehensive supplier intelligence platform to streamline the entire supplier ESG risk management lifecycle.

How it Works

How it Works


Data Collection

The first step is to gather relevant data from various sources. This data can include energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, waste management, employee diversity, community engagement and more. The data may come from internal systems, suppliers, surveys, or other sources. Ecodrisil ESG data exchange hub simplifies data collection to make the most crucial part of your ESG programs  easier and standardized.


Data Aggregation & Integration

Once the data is collected, Ecodrisil ESG aggregates and integrates this data into Ecodrisil ESG data exchange hub. This involves organizing the data in a structured format,  data harmonization, standardization, and mapping to align with global reporting standards.


Performance & Risks monitoring

With the integrated data in place, the Ecodrisil ESG applies KPI algorithms and risk engine scores to measure the ESG performance. These indicators can be customized based on your specific goals and objectives. For example, energy consumption can be measured in terms of carbon emissions per unit of production or per employee. Our smart dashboard provides you the right visibility to monitor and manage the ESG KPIs and risks to decide corrective actions.


Data Analysis and Reporting

Ecodrisil ESG analyzes the collected data and generates reports and visualizations that highlight your ESG performance. This can include charts, graphs, scorecards, and benchmarking against industry peers or established targets.  Our powerful built-in reporting studio allows you to easily generate reports based on global standards (e.g. GRI, SASB), regulatory requirements (e.g. LKSG) or custom frameworks.


Continuous Improvement

ESG reporting is an ongoing process, and organizations strive for continuous improvement in their ESG performance. Ecodrisil ESG helps organizations identify areas for improvement and track progress over time. The insights gained from the reporting process can inform decision-making, goal-setting, and the implementation of sustainability initiatives.

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Key frameworks in ESG reporting

GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) is a widely recognized framework for sustainability reporting that provides guidelines

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