In the dynamic business landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting is gaining momentum. However, mid-sized and large companies often encounter several challenges in their ESG journey, such as the absence of a dedicated ESG team, manpower constraints, and a lack of knowledge in sustainability and ESG. Additionally, the lack of regulatory pressure in the region means that the urgency to embark on ESG reporting is often missing.

Based on our experience, here is checklist of simple steps to get started with ESG reporting:

  1. Identify ESG champions and form a virtual ESG Team: Companies can start small by designating a cross-functional team responsible for ESG matters. This team can be trained and empowered to drive ESG initiatives within the organization.
  2. Assess Materiality: let the ESG campions start with identify the ESG issues most relevant to your business and stakeholders. This helps prioritize reporting efforts and ensures that your report addresses the key concerns of your audience. Ecodrisil ESG accelerator services can help you here too. If you have clarity identify the disclosures required (e.g. CDP), reporting frameworks needed (e.g. GRI) and any regulatory compliance needs too.
  3. Set Clear Objectives, targets and KPI: Define what you aim to achieve with your ESG reporting. Objectives could include enhancing transparency, improving sustainability performance, or meeting regulatory requirements. In this step you could also do a benchmarking with your competitors to understand what they have done and where they stand with respect to the sustainability programs, ESG reporting or ratings.
  4. Leveraging External Expertise: For companies facing manpower constraints or lacking in-house expertise, seeking consultancy services can be a game-changer. Consultants can provide guidance on best practices, help set up reporting frameworks, and offer training to build internal capabilities. Ecodrisil ESG accelerator services can help you here too. Engaging external experts can also help you if you do not have clarity to identify the disclosures required (e.g. CDP), reporting frameworks needed (e.g. GRI) and any regulatory compliance needs.
  5. Gather Data: Collect data related to your identified material issues and reporting needs. Ensure that the data is accurate, reliable, and covers the reporting period. This is where easy to use yet comprehensive proven platforms like ESG Xpress can help.
  6. Creating a Sense of Urgency: Even in the absence of regulatory pressure, businesses should adopt ESG reporting by understanding the long-term benefits, such as enhanced reputation, increased investor confidence, competitive advantage and improved risk management.
  7. Starting with Impact Reports: Think 360°, Start small, Move fast.  For companies hesitant to dive into comprehensive ESG reporting, beginning with a simple impact report can be a stepping stone. This report can focus on a few key areas of impact, setting the stage for more detailed reporting in the future. Leveraging the best practice libraries, required ESG frameworks, ESG global standards, automation and AI capabilities of ESG reporting tool, Ecodrisil ESG Xpress, can a facilitate an easier and successful launch of your ESG program.

Leveraging ESG Reporting Software

To streamline the ESG reporting process and overcome manpower constraints, ESG reporting software like Ecodrisil ESG Xpress can be invaluable. It offers a user-friendly, automated and ESG AI™ powered platform for data collection, analysis, and report generation, making it easier for companies to draft high quality and meaningful ESG reports aligned with global ESG standards and frameworks such as GRI, SASB, BRSR etc.


ESG reporting in the UAE is not without its challenges, but with the right strategies and tools, companies can navigate these hurdles and embark on a successful sustainability journey. By building internal capabilities, leveraging external expertise, and utilizing efficient reporting software, businesses can maximize their ESG impact and contribute to a sustainable future. If you want to drive sustainability transformation of your business or get started with your ESG programs, keep in mind this do not require complex carbon accounting software or expensive consulting to get going. If you see the value and is determined to transform to responsible business practices to stay competitive in this new world, a reliable partner like Ecodrisil ESG can guide and help you succeed sin your sustainability journey.

If your company is looking to overcome the challenges of ESG reporting and make a meaningful impact, Ecodrisil ESG Xpress and our lean ESG reporting consultancy services can provide the support you need. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals.

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