Navigating the ESG Landscape with Ease: A Guide for UAE Banks Powered by Ecodrisil ESG Xpress


In the dynamic and ever-evolving financial landscape of the UAE, sustainability has emerged as a critical cornerstone for success. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles are no longer mere buzzwords; they are the driving force behind responsible banking practices and a commitment to a sustainable future. As the UAE embarks on a transformative journey towards […]

Materiality Assessment in ESG, Sustainability

Defining the issues that are material to a business is the first step in formulating a meaningful ESG strategy and then towards an action plan to accomplish the goals. For this an ESG materiality assessment is very important —an essential tool that empowers organizations to pinpoint what truly matters for their sustainable journey. What is […]

India Government releases draft rules for ‘Green Credit’ Scheme

India Government releases draft rules for ‘Green Credit’ Scheme to incentivize and promote environment-friendly actions. The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) has released the draft rules of their ‘Green Credit Programme (GCP)’ which aims to incentivize in the form of “Green Credits” for individuals, industries, farmer producer organisations, cooperatives, forestry enterprises, sustainable […]

Key frameworks in ESG reporting

GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) is a widely recognized framework for sustainability reporting that provides guidelines for organizations to measure and disclose their economic, environmental, and social impacts. It helps businesses communicate their sustainability efforts transparently and effectively. Implementing the GRI framework allows organizations to enhance stakeholder trust, attract responsible investors, and gain insights into their […]

ESG performance management and reporting for medium sized business

Today, we address a critical topic that should be at the forefront of every medium-sized company’s agenda: ESG performance management and reporting. As the world shifts towards a more sustainable future, embracing ESG practices is no longer a choice—it’s an imperative. Let’s explore why getting started on this journey is both urgent and essential: 1. […]