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At Ecodrisil, we are passionate about helping businesses and organizations achieve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. As a specialist in sustainability solutions, we simplify your sustainability journey with Ecodrisil ESG suite – the expert-built solution for managing ESG performance, risks, and reporting.

Ecodrisil is owned by Travanleo a leading software company with a track record of innovation and excellence. This partnership allows us to leverage Travanleo’s expertise and resources while maintaining our focus on ESG and sustainability.

Our team is comprised of experts in ESG, sustainability, climate change and software development who are dedicated to delivering the highest quality sustainability enablement solutions to our customers.

Who we are

ECODRISIL is a dedicated team of sustainability experts and software engineers specialized in sustainability enablement solutions and services.

Ecodrisil is owned by Travanleo Info Solutions, a leading software company with a track record of innovation and excellence.

Est. 2013

Based in Trivandrum India with a global presence in the United States, Germany, Singapore and United Kingdom

70+ Clients

Trusted by 70+ enterprises globally to build and run their mission critical solutions and products

90+ Years

 of combined experience in sustainability software solutions and advisory services.

Ecodrisil’s mission is to build a sustainable future for our environment

Our purpose is to take everything we have learned in the last 24 years and utilize the power of technology to build a sustainable future for our environment, communities, businesses and economy.

Our vision is to Innovate and engineer digital solutions

Our vision is to Innovate and engineer digital solutions to enable our clients to run at their best and drive sustainable outcomes. 

Meet our core team

Sankar Krishnan

Advisory services, Business solutions

Sandeep Nair

Business solutions - ESG

Rahul Krishna Kumar

Product Management

Brahmajith M S

Solutions Specialist

Shaji Krishnan

Advisory services, Sustainability & ESG

Hubert De Bonafos

Advisory services, Sustainability & Social audits

Ram Desai

Advisory services, Environment & Climate Change

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