Xpress Report: Per Client Use

Special package for company’s who wish to use the system to draft annual reports for clients. Price applicable per report/client, system open for a period of 100 days. Minimum commitment 25 clients/year (reports/year)

  • – Digital Smart Form builder
  • – Dynamic data aggregation
  • – Assessments tracker
  • – Intelligent Reporting studio
  • – 360° data views
  • – ESGAI™ Copilot
  • – Enterprise structure
  • – Up to 10 locations
  • – Single login, Multi client view for consultants
  • – Integration Hub (Connectors charged extra)
  • – Cobranding for the Green Spoon

Scale up reporting services practice, serve more clients per year; 2X annual revenue

Simplify and streamline ESG reporting journey for clients with an AI-powered platform

Increase the speed and quality of ESG reporting with AI assistance

Save manpower and time in serving multiple clients reporting needs from one platform

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A comprehensive platform to help organizations drive and transform sustainability performance.