First of its kind GenAI-powered Copilot 

Make use of a well-trained AI to generate an ESG report that is comprehensive and error-free in few clicks; it can automatically draft content and give cues for you to prepare content for different sections

What do you get from ESGAITM

ESGAI Co-pilot

AI can guide and aid you every step of your ESG journey from data collection to materiality assessment and report generation.

Effortlessly collaborate with ESGAI™ Co-pilot to draft ESG reports from your data, leveraging AI-powered language generation for streamlined, accurate, and consistent reporting. Choose to co-author each section or opt for fully automated drafting, refining your reports for impact and clarity before finalizing and sharing. 

Empower your data dialogues with ESGAI™ Co-pilot’s Chat with Data feature. Engage in intuitive conversations to access real-time ESG insights, streamline data analysis, and drive informed decision-making with ease. 

Discover actionable insights to mitigate risks and improve ESG performance across functions, business lines and partner network 

ESGAI™ also provides advisory on various aspects of your ESG journey. Currently you can receive feedback and recommendations on material topic responses, refining accuracy and enhancing the effectiveness of your sustainability initiatives. 

What are the benefits?

– Saves manual effort and time in preparing reports

– Speeds up ESG reporting from weeks to days

– Make ESG reports objective and error-free

– Timely actions to mitigate risk and improve performance

A proven platform architecture designed for a scalable, secure and high performance enterprise SaaS

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