Partner solutions

Explore our diverse network of strategic partners who share our commitment to sustainability and ESG excellence. Together, we offer integrated solutions that complement and enhance the capabilities of Ecodrisil ESG.

  • A flexible, multi compliance management and traceability platform. Connect, Share and Collect sustainability data from Supply chain partners
  • Timber, Seafood Provenance, Biomass
  • Runs on SAP Cloud Platform, HANA
  • A unique platform for the companies, auditors, inspectors and trainers to connect with global network to seek and provide world class auditing service
  • Leading standards auditing network based in Singapore

e-workers voice is a proven social risk management survey system.​

A comprehensive solution to minimize social and organizational risk by providing interested stakeholders, such as workers and local communities with an effective confidential process to raise their concerns through social risk management surveys.

World’s first scientifically crafted bio-diversity credit trading platform.

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A comprehensive platform to help organizations drive and transform sustainability performance.