SCM Cockpit

A comprehensive supplier intelligence platform to streamline the entire supplier ESG risk management lifecycle​ and ESG reporting.

What do you get from SCM Cockpit

SCM cockpit provides a flexible and powerful platform with pre-loaded solutions to manage your suppliers’ ESG performance, risks and ESG reporting. 

SCM cockpit helps you to genuinely streamline your supplier risk management, compliance, make data-driven decisions, mitigate risks, and achieve sustainability goals.

Collect supplier ESG data and risk data in a structured format and regular intervals based on global standards or regulatory requirements or custom risk frameworks

Monitor and manage the ESG performance , KPIs and risks of your suppliers.  

Easily generate ESG reports and disclosures from SCM Cockpit based on global reporting standards and regulations (e.g., GRI, SASB, BRSR etc.) 

Create ESG incidents and assign tasks to relevant stakeholders within your team or to your suppliers making the collaboration and communication effective and easier.

Corrective action plans feature enable organizations to effectively manage and remediate any risks or gaps found from the assessments.

Standards & Regulations Supported

Value and benefits of using SCM Cockpit

SCM Cockpit empowers organizations to drive sustainable success by providing an agile, flexible and easy to use platform for managing ESG performance, ESG risks and ESG reporting specifically of their suppliers.

We help you to “Turn ESG Intentions into Tangible Impact”

Centralized data store for ESG performance management, risks management and reporting

One of the biggest challenges in managing ESG performance is scattered and un-structured data. Ecodrisil ESG data exchange hub simplifies data collection, management and exchange. Enables you to create a single source of truth for all your ESG performance data.

Effortless ESG data collection with our  simplified digital assessments, IoT devices, ERP systems, mass upload and automation. Collecting data from your internal organizations and suppliers, are streamlined resulting in clean and clear data views to ensure accurate and reliable information.

SCM Cockpit comes with pre-loaded assessments and capabilities to easily create, share and collaborate to conduct digital assessments with in your organization and with your suppliers.

Simplifies audit, assurance or rating processes

Customize the solution to suite your unique requirements

SCM Cockpit supports global reporting standards and regulations, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), SASB, LKSG.

Organizations can effortlessly generate editable reports and disclosures within SCM Cockpit for transparency and compliance.

Assurance audit support reports

Reduced time, effort & cost for reporting and disclosures

Sign up and get going in 2 to 3 days.

Adapt to new regulations or changes in standards easily with our regularly updated contents

Quickly create new custom assessments tailor made to your dynamic business requirements and derive results much faster with our custom form builder.

Dynamic dashboard with easy to analyze visual design designed to provide valuable data-driven insights for your  strategic decision making.

Extensive reporting and powerful analytics meant to gain a comprehensive understanding of ESG performance, identify areas for improvement, and develop targeted action plans. 

Real time visibility to your ESG performance KPIs and risks

Simplified assurance, compliance or rating processes

Standardize and reduce the time, effort and accuracy of data collection

A proven platform designed for a scalable, secure and high performance enterprise SaaS

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A comprehensive platform to help organizations drive and transform sustainability performance.